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Ecosystem Engineer

Intern / Permanent

This position is perfect for people who love living creatures.
You canl assist in the design and maintenance of an artificial ecosystem aquarium under the supervision of Masuda, one of Japan's leading aquarists who reproduces coral reef ecosystems in aquariums.
As an important position that also supports joint research projects with companies and the planning and implementation of educational events, you will develop expertise in living organisms and ecosystems.
We look forward to hearing from you, working professionals and students, or any other people who are interested in working with us!

Educational Event Staff

Intern / Permanent

We offer workshops to get children interested in living creatures and discover what they like about them, centered around a coral reef ecosystem aquarium.
You will be involved in a wide range of tasks from the preparation stage, such as script production, to hosting the event.
If you are interested inplanning events for startups and children's education, let’s work together with us!         

Ecosystem Researcher

Intern / Permanent

This position is to promote joint research with companies and in-house research.
We are looking for people who love living creatures and want to bring out the fun of living things through research.     
We are looking forward to hearing from you if you want to create a better world through coral research.


Intern / Permanent / Side Job

We are looking for an engineer to work on the development of our in-house technology, "Environmental Transfer Technology". The environmental transfer technology monitors and controls various parameters in the aquarium.          
Environmental transfer technology requires engineering expertise in various fields, including          
Development of IoT devices to monitor and control aquariums / Back-end systems to accumulate data / Health diagnosis technology for organisms using image analysis
We are looking for engineers who can assist us in these developments.


Intern / Permanent / Side Job

You will be extensively involved in event planning and in supporting the creation of texts and slides to be distributed to children at the event.
The appeal of this position is that you will gain practical experience in creative production and specific professional skills while still a student under the supervision of a product designer who has won the JAMES DYSON AWARD Japan's Best and International Top 20.
This internship is recommended for those who are interested in design and event planning.